Editorial: Promotion! Promotion! Promotion

OSRToday is very happy and proud to announce the release of our Media Kit to those who wish to take advantage of promotional opportunities on our site. We’ve worked hard to design them so that they have value as well as fit the our site’s purpose and aims at the same time benefiting the community.

There are three types of promotion that we’re currently offering:

  1. Ad unit advertising, which has been running in test mode for a few week. It focuses on unobtrusive but noticeable ads at the top of pages, in sidebars, and also at the bottom of individual posts.
  2. OSRecruit, which is a new upcoming feature of the site that allows freelancers to list their services to the OSR Community for a small fee.
  3. OSRetail, which has been running for some time, and allows OSR-friendly retail stores to have a free listing on the site to help grow the local community of gamers.

As we go forward, we’ll examine, adapt, and update our offerings so that we can strike a healthful balance for the site that allows us to help us grow it while supporting creators and our community. Funding from promotional programs will go towards a number of new features that are in development including reviews of products and opening up paid submissions to others who wish to generate new content for OSRToday.

We’re still putting together one of the elements in the Media Kit, the “The OSRecruit Listing Kit”, and will have that ready soon.

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