The Undead as pockets of “stopped time”

Michael Raston shares with us an interesting approach to undead with lots of potential in games on his blog The Lizard Man Diaries in a post titled “Undead are Pockets of Stopped Time“.  There are many different jumping-off points from this during play, including how the living and the undead communicate with each other, using undead to see into the past and the future, the undead as agents of reinforcing timelines, and many more. Michael also shares a table with us to be used to give certain undead specific abilities.

As an aside and without giving too much away, this is something similar to an element that I have in my work-in-progress Solace setting and campaign, where the undead are returning to The World after millennia of not being present. The undead in the setting are grounded in two different elements, one biological and the other, well, I can’t say too much about that just yet but it plays with similar ideas to what Michael touches on here.

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