Factions and reputations on the HMS Apollyon

Gus L’s HMS Apollyon campaign game has a sterling reputation for touching on the strange and fantastical during play. For one thing, there’s the huge twist on the normal campaign approach: players are on board a large ship that is “a miles-long demon and monster haunted cruise ship that travels between worlds and frequently ‘rescues’ individuals from the seas it traverses”. He is currently putting together a player’s manual and has included a faction and reputation system in the game, detailing it in this document which is freely available to download. More information on his campaign as he develops it can be found at his blog.

I’m a big fan of player manuals/handbooks for game campaigns as a place to store house rules, custom generation rules, additional classes, and all sorts of other game-related material for play. I do the same thing for the Barrowmaze [AL] Open Table game that I run weekly over Hangouts each week.

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