Wandering Wednesday: Baszeraq

Standing ten foot tall upon three stocky tripod hinged legs, the baszeraq is an outsider demon that loves nothing more than feasting upon the flesh of those misinformed souls who summon it in the first place. Three large eyes on moveable stalks protrude atop a mushroom cap-like head from which extend three large gaping maws filled with multiple rows of ill-fitting teeth. Between each of these maws are long and gangly suckered ten foot long tentacles that lash out like whips to strike others, or to grab them and pull them into into the mouth of the demon, where it will deposit them in one of the three stomachs within its protected hide. Organic material inside the stomach is ripped apart from this reality as the demon quickly digests it and non-organic material is ejected from the creature’s stomach as soon as the organic material is dispatched. The trail of a baszeraq can often be determined by the clothes, armor, and other material it has ejected as it has fed, as they have an almost insatiable appetite and will attempt to eat all organic matter in an area until it is time for them to return to their home plane, focusing on creatures of flesh and blood first. They have the ability to teleport anywhere they have been in the past 24 hours with impunity, and use this to return to their home plane.

Unlike many demons, these can be harmed by normal weapons, but only take half damage from them. They have the ability to sense the invisible around them, as many mages who have summoned them and attempted to escape them have found out to their chagrin.


Alignment: Chaotic
No. Encountered: 1
Move: 240′ (80′), special (see below)
Level Dice:  10 hit dice
Armor Class: 0 [19]
Attacks:  3 tentacles (1d6), 3 bite (2d6), see below
Special Attacks: See below
Save: F7
Special Abilities: See below
Loot: See below

Special Movement: The baszeraq can teleport instantly any point across multiple planes it has already been within the last 24 hours. This is normally how the demon returns to its home plane. Most baszeraq are keenly aware of the the passage of time and will return to their home plane before the 24 hours are up. Binding or holding the demon longer than 24 hours will disable this ability, often enraging the demon.

Special Attacks: If a baszeraq manages to strike with two tentacles in the same round at the same target, it will use them to wrap around it and pull them towards one of the open maws where it will first bite them, then attempt to swallow them. Creatures of small size are automatically swallowed and inserted into one of the three stomachs inside the creature if there is room, and creatures of medium size can be swallowed if two of the stomachs in the demon are empty. When inside the stomach, any organic creature takes 2d6 damage no matter what armor it wears due to being rent apart in this reality by the nature of the demon. Any creature inside a stomach may attempt to make a Save vs. Death each round to attempt to escape the stomach of the creature. It takes one full round to climb out of the demon’s stomach.

A baszeraq may also spit a ball of nether material from one of its mouths every 1d6 rounds, up to 30 feet. This ball of nether does 2d6 damage to only organic material. A successful Save vs. Death gives only half damage.

Special Abilities: These demons take half-damage from normal weapons. They have the ability to see invisible opponents and have darkvision/infravision up to 60 feet.

Loot: Killing a a baszeraq allows for the collection of the three hearts in its body, each of which can be used by a mage to be create magical items that have teleportation abilities like that of the baszeraq – the ability to teleport anywhere that they’ve been within the last 24 hours with a limit of once per day. The three stomachs can be collected to create bags of disintegration, which will disintegrate any organic item up to 1 foot square as per above, and are often sold by hucksters as bags of devouring.


Disclaimer:  The baszeraq is one of many creatures that will appear in a future product released by InfiniBadger Press. It is not currently open content.

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