The DM’s Craft #114: Tracking ammo with a mini quiver and arrows

The DM’s Craft on YouTube has a very cool craft project that may find a home at a number of in-person gaming tables: using a home-made quiver and set of arrows to represent arrows left for use during combat. A quick and easy craft, this looks like the sort of fun activity that parents can do with their kids to help get them into gaming and do some sneaky schoolwork at the game table as well.

While I do think this is cool, I tend to be handwave a lot of ammo requirements for the most part in my games, as I’m not a huge fan of book-keeping and it often feels like keeping track of arrows is just too much minutiae to really have to worry about. Instead I tend to focus on other aspects of resource management such as rations and light sources, and usually allow that any non-perishable ammo is easily recovered to allow us to to just move on during the game, sometimes with a loss of 1d4 or 1d6 arrows depending on the toughness of a fight.

The video is embedded below:

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