Table Tuesday: Strange Magicks in the Dragon’s Hoard

The second of our Table Tuesdays! You’ve slain the dragon and have claimed its hoard. Wait! There’s a really strange magical item in there. What is it?

Table 2: Strange Magicks in the Dragon’s Hoard

Roll Result
1 A hand mirror that reflects back the past, up to 24 hours, of where it is pointed. With successful concentration (rolling under INT each time) the wielder can view any time within that period.
2 A small magical +2 short sword called EJ. that talks incessantly in a high-pitched teenage American accent, and scabbard. Even when scabbarded the sword continues to talk.  On the roll of 1 on a d6, it will fail to be pulled from its scabbard. The sword suffers from terrible arachnophobia and loses its magical attack bonus against all spiders.
3 The preserved eyeball of a cyclops, which when looked through allows one to see magical items as if using the Detect Magic spell. It may be used once per day.
4 A jewel encrusted goblet with the words “Choose wisely” written in an ancient script on the base. Any poisoned liquid poured into this cup has the poison removed, but any other liquid poured into it becomes a fatal ingested poison.
5 A small rectangular shield that is almost a miniature of a normal shield. When stowed it stays in this small size, but when worn, it can change size up to the height of a tower shield to protect the wielder. Because of its magical nature, it is almost weightless, and provides a +1 shield bonus.
6 A small copper box with a hinged lid on it. Putting anything in the box and closing the lid seems to convert whatever is put in it to enough food for a single person for a single meal. It can be used three times a day. (In actuality, anything in here swaps places with food in a number of households in a cursed nearby kingdom, much to the consternation of the citizens who have discovered all manner of things in among their breakfasts and dinners, and pantries.)
7 A small jade idol in the shape of a dragon. When taken from the halls it starts to double in size every hour until it reaches the size of the dragon that has been slain. Once it does, the slain dragon returns to life and both dragons swap places immediately. The dragon is aware of what it does and has placed it in its hoard as a form of resurrection.
8 Two small empty picture frames with a border of whorls and mystic symbols. These picture frames are magical portals that can be used to travel between two locations by placing one frame at source and the destination. Objects passing through the frames obey the laws of physics as they pass through the frames to the other side from the side they enter.
9 A 2-foot long phoenix feather. If stuck into someone who is dying, this will instantly restore them to full health and cure all of their wounds and ills. It immolates upon use.
10 A finely-made many-faceted 1-inch diameter diamond. When placed in the body it activates an Invisibility spell upon the person holding it, which deactivates when the diamond is removed from the body. It may be used once a day. If swallowed, it stays active until it vacates the body.
11 A small bag containing 3d4 1-inch tall goblin miniature statues. When thrown to the ground, they grown into flesh-and-blood goblins, who will act as henchmen for the thrower until they die. There is a 25% chance that a goblin will be a spellcaster, and a 10% chance that they are a goblin chieftain.
12 A small brooch in the shape of a beetle. Touching the beetle makes it glow softly, giving off up to 10 foot of blue light in all directions. Another touch will deactivate it. It can be used for d6 hours before needing to be exposed to sunlight for an hour to recharge.

Look out next week for another fun table!

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