OneBookShelf Xmas in July Sale Now On, runs July 21-28, save 25%

The OneBookShelf Xmas in July Sale is now on and is running from July 21-28. During this time, many PDF products from many publishers will be on sale for 25% off their normal prices, and there may be a bunch of other deals that publishers are running in addition to this. A large number of OSR publishers have signed up and are offering sale items, including:

InfiniBadger Press [AL], who operate OSRToday are taking part, but there’s been a slight delay in getting our next product VS2: Bearing A Grudge completed and released. We’re hoping to having it released within the next few days, and will announce when it is ready here on this site.

This sale is different from many others in that it’s running across all of the OneBookShelf sites and not just DriveThruRPG [AL] and RPGNow [AL], but also DriveThruComics [AL],  WarGameVault [AL], DriveThruFiction [AL], and DriveThruCards [AL]. It’s a complete OneBookShelf promotion.

If you find the sites are being hit hard, don’t fret, as this sale is on for a full week.

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