Actual play using Howling Crypts of Cadogan Peak map

Brian Steward has written up an actual play report on Google+ of an adventure that used the Howling Crypts of Cadogan Peak map created by MonkeyBlood Design. The original report weighed in at 7 pages in Microsoft Word! The adventuring party had 6 members in it who set out to find another lost adventuring party: a Dwarven Cleric (lvl 5), a Dwarven Fighter (lvl 4), a Halfling Thief (lvl 5), an Elven Thief (lvl 5), a Gnome Magic-User (lvl 4), and a Half-Orc Fighter (lvl 4).

Brian had taken the map and written up an adventure around it, and he gives some details of what was in each of the locations at the end of the post and what happened. Most of the players came from a non-OSR background (Pathfinder and Dungeons & Dragons 4e), and had a great time playing, commenting that enjoyed playing the older version of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

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