Three generations play OD&D together, and the ranks of DMs grows

What could be better than three generations playing OD&D together? It’s the first game for the youngest in the group? Cool. It’s also the first game for the eldest in the group? Even cooler! It’s also the game where another DM steps up to the plate for her first game? Okay, you win the Internet – we can all go home now.

James Walls has written a heartwarming post about how he managed to get not only his youngest son, but his dad playing in an OD&D Dragonlance game, and his daughter stepped up to the plate and handled much of the game by herself. There’s so many brilliant bits highlighted in this post, I’m not going to spoil any more of them. Just go and read the original, knowing that everything good about what OSR games can bring to the table is in it.

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    • Teh Bagder July 20, 2014