Razor Coast on sale, 25% off

Frog God Games have put their Razor Coast line on sale at 25% due to their Ennie nomination. This includes both the Swords & Wizardry and Pathfinder versions of the products. While this is a pretty big discount, the biggest discount can be found on the PDF versions of these products if you buy only those. For S&W, you can get the complete set of Razor Coast ($15.00), Razor Coast – Freebooter’s Guide ($4.99), Razor Coast – Heart of the Razor ($9.99), and the Razor Coast – Map Folio ($3.75) for a total of $33.73 in PDF. That’s a savings of $89.99 on the discounted print price of $123.72. The full print price is normally $159.97 plus $5.00 for the PDF of the Map Folio.

It should be noted that these deals are only on the Frog God Games store on their own site, and not on any of the other sites they sell through. It seems to be an artifact of the way the PDF prices are calculated as a reduction on the physical price of the product. There’s an upcoming sale at OneBookShelf sites that may offer a discount on PDFs, but it won’t be as good as the one offered here.

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