Footprints Magazine from Dragonsfoot, latest issue #21

Dragonsfoot is one of the oldest forums online for discussion of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and other OSR fantasy games, and contributors there have been continually producing Footprints as a downloadable product since 2004. They’re now at issue #21, which was released in May this year, and have produced around 4 issues a year since their inception. In each issue there a ton of content, which can vary from issue to issue, but includes new races, classes, spells, and other articles.  While all content is written for OSRIC, it’s easy enough to convert through to other OSR systems, and a lot of references are made to external texts like the Dungeon Master’s Guide, Oriental Adventures, etc (which is fine if you have access to them, but can be problematic for some of the more esoteric texts).

This particular issue has an introduction and new character races written by Stuart Marshall, some new combat tables, experience tables for dragons, and an interesting article on rescaling monsters in AD&D away from “standard” monsters. Lots of excellent content in this issue, and in many of the others too.

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