Star Frontiers, digitally remastered

One of the classic OSR games of all times, Star Frontiers, is readily available in a number of different digital forms via the websites linked to in the Star Frontiers Network. While many of these are reproductions of the original rules, one of the most impressive curations of the game is by Bill Logan , who has taken a core number of the original texts and cleaned them up into new editions that are easier to read and use. Bill and his company DWD Studios have also continued to support the game through the release of the free Star Frontiersman magazine (also available via DriveThruRPG/ RPGNow [AL]), which provides lots of additional content for you to use, as well as other revisions of original modules . Print versions of the curation and Star Frontiersman Magazine can also be purchased through

Other great resources for the game include downloads of many original modules via the official website.

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  1. Tom Stephens July 21, 2014
    • Teh Bagder July 21, 2014