An open letter to Games Workshop regarding the Realm of Chaos by a fan

With the rise of crowdsourcing and the republishing of older game material, a fan of the old Warhammer Realms of Chaos has written an open letter to Games Workshop to try and get the ball rolling on a reprint of them. Caelum writes:

I think it’s weird that while a novel if it’s popular will be reprinted in perpetuity, rpg products either go out of print or are “revised” until they’re unrecognizable.  Why not just keep printing the books that sold well in the first place, just as they were printed before?  No additions, editorializing, no new rules and definitely no new art is necessary!  Just good binding and all the art and content GW paid for 25 years ago.  Hey the Lost and the Damned was originally printed almost 25 years ago, right?  That’s a good reason for a reprint right there. 

Of course, as Roland of the Dark Tower series is fond of saying ‘the world has moved on’, and perhaps Games Workshop isn’t really interested in anything RPG-related today themselves, having licensed off the Warhammer FRP RPG three times already so that it’s now in its third incarnation (and oh so very different from the original). The licensing agreement that’s in place with Fantasy Flight Games might even preclude the release of legacy products, but it’ll be interesting to see if anything comes of this.

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