Wandering Wednesday: Aagat

Infesting the beds of commoners, nobles, and monsters alike, the aagat is a tiny quarter-inch long louse-like creature with a mottled purple and orange abdomen that feeds on negative psychic energy. It has a particular fondness for the energy associated with low self-esteem, hopelessness, and nightmares. During the day they hide in nooks and crannies of walls, floors, and ceilings until animals and humanoids fall asleep. Once their targets are fully asleep, they will crawl out and make skin contact with their target to feed upon the negative psychic energy they can provide. For the most part, this drawing of negative energy is beneficial to the target, and they awake refreshed and relaxed and with no memory of their previous night’s dreams. However, the aagat actually injects a small serum into the target to cause them to have the nightmares that they can feed upon. Some take adverse reactions to this serum, going instantly insane. Others, when there is an attempt to wake them during an aagat feeding are locked in the nightmare dream state and cannot be awoken, instead acting out the scenes that are occurring in their mind until the last aagat is removed and the serum loses effectiveness.

It’s suspected that some of the pricier establishments in some cities may use a combination of sleeping draughts and aagats on unsuspecting guests to help raise their reputation of having restful repose, and there are specialists who deal in aagat serum drawing and dispensing. Aagats move quickly, and live in small clutches so that they don’t kill their food supply. They generally are found in civilized areas, but can also be found in dungeons, particularly those inhabited by the less unkempt humanoids such as kobolds, goblins, and orcs. Some aagat carry disease with them as they migrate from place to place.


Alignment: Neutral
No. Encountered: 2d4 in clutch
Move: 15′ (5′)
Level Dice: 1 hp each
Armor Class: 9 [10]
Attacks: 1 bite (1 damage)
Special Attacks: See below
Save: F0
Special Abilities: None
Loot: See below

Special Attacks: The aagat has the ability to inject a serum that invokes nightmares. A successful bite by any aagat upon flesh requires a Save vs. Poison. A failed save increases the fear of a target by +1, which reduces all the targets rolls by -1 for each bite. If a target is bitten CON/3 (rounded down) times, they must roll under CON or fall unconscious immediately as the serum invokes a terrible nightmare that lasts for 1d3 hours. There is a 1% chance that this nightmare will cause some form of insanity. Aagat serum stays in the body for a two hours after injection.

Aagat, like many other insects can leap far distances, and can leap up in the air up to 1′.

Loot: Aagat serum glands are desired by poisoners and apothecaries, but the serum only stays intact for  24 hours from the death of the creature that creates it. A gland alone is worth 1gp, while a live aagat is worth 10gp in most cities.


Disclaimer:  The aagat is one of many creatures that will appear in a future product released by InfiniBadger Press. It is not currently open content.

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