Table Tuesday: What’s In That Peg Leg?

For the first of our Table Tuesdays, we bring a nautical-themed table to help you find out exactly what’s inside that pirate’s hollowed-out peg leg. There might be something awesome. Or not.

Table 1: What’s In That Peg Leg?

Roll Result
1 Inside the leg is the owner’s pet rat which is very dead and has been for some time. It’s mostly liquid in fact, and smells nasty as hell. Roll under CON to avoid throwing up, possibly into the peg leg.
2 You find a pouch of Old Sniff’s Wild Toby, some of the most powerful hallucinogen known to exist. A pinch of this in a nostril and reality is altered so that the entire world takes on a peculiar Tolkien-esque hue for 8d6 hours. Also, everone has large hairy feet. There are 1d6 pinches left.
3 Nestled safely within several nasty pieces of dirty cotton is a necklace with a gem in it worth 1d10x100gp. The gem is cursed so that whoever wears the necklace will be driven to alcoholism the next time they touch a drink.
4 Seven pieces of a large coin (one piece missing). One face of the coin has a Kraken on it while the other shows a whirlpool. The coin is made of gold.
5 A small clear glass bottle containing an incredibly tiny lifelike-looking ship within that floats on an incredibly stormy sea. Opening the bottle, the roar of the ocean and screams of men can be heard.
6 Stuffed inside some cotton swaddling there is a purse that contains 3d6 gold pieces, 1d3 gold teeth, 1d6 normal teeth (rotted), and a dried (possibly human) tongue.
7 A large trapdoor spider has made its home in the peg leg. It attacks for 2d6 damage! Save for half damage.
8 A small bottle of smoky blue liquid wrapped in swaddling, which continually ebbs and swirls. The stopper has been sealed shut with wax. Who knows what the liquid is?
9 A map, showing the location to a secret treasure hoard worth 5d10x100 in gold pieces and jewels. The location of the horde seems to be inside a whale called Tosh.
10 Inside a small corked bottle, there is a note with a cypher upon it, written in blood. Twelve monkeys, one at each clock face, look in towards the ever-spiraling cypher which is written in an ancient language.
11 The peg leg is empty. However it is magical and fills with enough fresh water each day for a single person to survive on.
12 That’s not a peg leg! It’s a mimic! Roll for initiative!

We hope you have many hours of annoying your players with this table!

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