The chess covers of Dragon and Gygax magazines

Tim Brannan has a wonderful post up showing the latest Gygax Magazine cover and the previous Dragon magazine cover that it follows up, along with a selection of chess covers from the golden age of Dragon. Tim also makes an excellent point that Gygax Magazine needs to stop simply paying homage to a magazine from a bygone era and blaze its own trail, particularly in this day and age of digital and on-access media and content. Dragon was a monthly magazine that constantly poured out content on a regular basis that readers waited for with bated breath, but Gygax Magazine doesn’t swim in those same waters any more: readers are just as creative as they were in the past, but they’ve also got the means to publish and share long in advance before traditional printing can even ramp up, and any magazine that is looking to survive today needs to acknowledge and utilize social media and newer technologies effectively.

Gygax Magazine can be purchased online via their store for print, or digitally at DriveThruRPG [AL] and RPGNow [AL].

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