Bedroom Wall Press moves to free for digital products, goes open source, still sells print books

Bedroom Wall Press, publisher of OSR games Hulks & Horrors [AL] and Arcana Rising [AL], has decided to move to a free model for all their digital products while still charging for print products. John Berry, owner of Bedroom Wall Press, says that part of the impetus for this was the recent move to patent some roleplaying game elements by another third party, but also wants to create further exposure for the print versions of the products. His concern is that charging for the PDFs is perhaps acting as a barrier to entry to people purchasing them, and is seeking to change that. In addition to changing the price of the digital products, there is now a github repository for files, and source files for products will be released for all products created now and in the future. The commercial focus for the company will be selling print product over the long term.

Bedroom Wall Press’ products can be purchased via DriveThruRPG [AL] and RPGNow [AL], where you can buy the free digital versions as well as the print versions that will help support Bedroom Wall Press with this ambitious plan.


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