The new old magic economy of D&D

John-Michael Gariepy writes on the Power To The Meeple blog about the return to a stricter magic economy in Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, discussing one of the challenges that entered gameplay around the Third Edition and stayed through the Fourth: a codified mathematical system for calculating the worth of magic items that can easily be bought and sold as if they were commodities rather than rarities.

There’s a lot of food for thought springing from this article, in particular¬†thinking about how magic items are used in many games (no matter the edition) to balance out against monsters or foes or challenges, why having standardized costs for some things may make sense (such as vendors selling more ubiquitous items or and giving the GM at least ballpark figures to work with), and how when magic items have value beyond commodities they can become unique rewards during play or elements of quests.

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