The Psionicist class, putting psionics to use in AD&D 1e

Many don’t like including psionics in earlier editions of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons even though there are rules for it in the 1st edition of the game. Some of this comes down to the fact that psionics feel out of place, but others feel that it’s because the rules are complicated and aren’t streamlined enough for actual play. This problem can easily be solved by playing a dedicated psionic class just like the one proposed by +Chris Vermeers on his Ongoing Campaign blog, which is based on a class presented in Dragon #79 #78.

Chris includes an experience chart going up to 20th level, a table listing abilities per level, and a list of the additional abilities that you can have.

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  1. Chris Vermeers July 7, 2014
    • Teh Bagder July 7, 2014