Editorial: What’s with the ads?

When visiting the site recently you may have noticed that there’s a new banner ad running just under the news ticker on each page. This is part of our broad future approach to integrating targeted promotion to the community regarding products and resources they may be interested in. We’re running a couple of test ads with a few community partners as we tweak the systems that handle this so that we can control what gets shown where, when, and how often. As you’ll see, it’s noticeable but relatively unobtrusive.

One of the things that the site is keen to do is to help promote gamers doing charity work, blogs doing outstanding work that feed back into the community, content creators using Patreon and other crowdfunding methods to generate funds, and of course, the elephant in the room, commercial companies.  Here’s our vision: companies will be able to advertise new products or Kickstarters along patronage-supported creators making zines or digital products, blogs and conventions will be able to share promotional space, public service announcements and other notices will be able to be shared. Consider it a blend of the socialistic and the capitalistic, all with the aim of supporting the community.

The site is currently developing a media kit that will be organic and develop as the site grows, allowing many groups access to the different types of promotion that are available, and information about who is using the promotions. There will be different tiers of access to the promotional campaigns, with a number of them being incredibly low-cost or free for certain groups in the community.

However, every website has running costs and needs to not only cover those to stay in operation, but also needs to go beyond covering those to grow and do the things that it wants to do in the future. There are a number of very cool things coming soon for the site, including original content and more community support, but to do them well, they need financial support. And banner ads and other promotional tools will help with that. While there will be advertising and promotion on the site, please know that it will always attempt to be salient, focused, and directed towards the community that uses the site. There won’t be anything on the site that isn’t pertinent to the interests of the community, which is why you won’t find Google Adsense or other forms of “blast” advertising here. We want to make you aware of things, but not be right in your face screaming about stuff.


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