5e Conversion of Jeremy Smith’s The Town of Bridgepuddle

Jeremy Smith has updated his 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons adventure The Town of Bridgepuddle to 5th Edition and posted it on his blog for others to download. The adventure is for 4-6 adventurers of 5th-8th level and includes OSR conversion notes at the back for a few things. There are some fantastic descriptions of characters in this, including such gems as:

Thomas “Toots” Thayer is the master wigmaker, and he is assisted by his young apprentice, Pip. Unfortunately, the wigs here are of very poor quality. Both Toots and Pip will be wearing wigs which look something like roadkill stapled to their heads. Toots will constantly claim that hats are just a passing fad but that “Wigs are forever”.


A Half-Elf named Quint runs this establishment along with his assistant Poppy. Quint is a fine hairdresser, but a poor doctor. Quint pretends to keep up with modern scientific discoveries, but in reality he makes things up as he goes along. Quint’s few living clients are usually worse off after visiting him. Quint and Poppy will almost always prescribe bloodletting as a cure for an ailment.

There’s town serves as an interesting location to drop in during play for any OSR game, particularly one that includes undead as a campaign theme.

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