Tenkar’s Tavern list of D&D 5e free resources

Tenkar’s Tavern is compiling a list of free resources for the newly released Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Basic PDF that was released on July 3rd. Erik (Tenkar) is asking for folks to share resources in the comments of the post so that he can add them to the ever-growing list. Although the list only has a half-dozen entries on it now, the list will grow over time and be a useful resource itself for those looking for specific 5e resources. Of course, one of the major selling points of the new edition is that it can be used with products from earlier multiple editions with a little work, so the list of products will grow exponentially as conversions start to appear soon.

If you happen to know of, or create a resource, please consider visiting the Tavern and sharing it so that others can have access to it too.

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