GameHoleCon in November has wide selection of OSR Games

GameHoleCon, taking place November 7-9 in the Sheraton Madison Hotel in Madison, Wisconsin, has a weekend of old school gaming lined up over the weekend. A number of games showing up through the weekend include Dungeon Crawl Classics, Boot Hill, Champions 1st Edition, Fringeworthy, AD&D 1st Edition, Call of Cthulhu, Castles & Crusades, Top Secret 1st Edition, Hackmaster, and that’s just on the first day Friday!

Badge registration is now open, but you have to create an account with the site first. There are a number of badges that you can register for including (from the site):

  • Single Day Badge : Friday or Saturday – $20 ($25 on site); Sunday – $15 ($20 on site)
  •  Full Weekend Badge (3 whole days!) : $35 ($40 on site)
  •  Single Day Magic Badge : Friday or Saturday – $25 ($30 on site)
  •  Full Weekend Magic Badge (3 whole days!) : $45 ($50 on site)
    • Exclusive Magic the Gathering events for Magic badge holders. For more information, please click here.
  •  VIG Package : $80
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