The Wizard’s Amulet, a free adventure from Frog God Games that claims third party 5th Edition D&D compatibility?

Frog God Games, publishers of Swords & Wizardry Complete [AL] have released an adventure that they claim is “Fifth Edition Compatible”, meaning the new edition of Dungeons & Dragons, called The Wizards Amulet. In the text on the first page it reads “This adventure requires some of the 5th Eiditon [sic] Rules” and includes a number of stat blocks similar to those for the new edition of the classic game. It also includes a number of the classes released in the basic set that appeared online today.

The OGL is being used to publish this, but there is no mention anywhere in the license of the actual Product Identity of Dungeons & Dragons being claimed in the license as being used. There’s also been no official word so far about what sort of third party support Wizards of the Coast will be allowing or what licensing they will be using for that going forward. WotC haven’t confirmed that the OGL is being used for third party products, so is this perhaps some potential controversy?


To be honest, It looks as though this product is skirting the edge of what the OGL will allow and referring in a cagey way to the new edition without outright calling it out.  There are a couple of references to “5th Edition Rules, 1st Edition Feel” on the cover page and first insert, as well as a logo that says “Fifth Edition Compatible”. Clever marketing to be sure, but it really does seem to be right on the edge of pushing WotC’s buttons.

If you want the module, you can get it for free by going to the Frog God Games site.

You can also download it by attaching it to an account with the site. Make sure to select the PDF option, and go through the checkout process. If you haven’t purchased from Frog God Games before, the site will create an account for you and email you after you create the order. You’ll want to click on the confirmation that is sent, and then change your password immediately as a temporary one-use password is created for you. After you’ve logged into your account go to the section that says FILES and you can download your free PDF.

Updated: Updated to reflect that an account is not needed to download this, and the link for the download was changed.

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