Basic 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons PDF Rules released

The first Basic PDF of the new 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons rules has been released. Listed as version 0.1 (not even 1.0!), it runs at 110 pages and seems to be relatively easy to read. Missing from it is great deal of artwork and whether it will remain that way is not known, but as a living document it make sense to make this as art-light as possible. It’s certainly more functional that simply released an SRD document as it includes a narrative approach to explaining how to play the game, but one has to wonder how updates to this document are going to be communicated in the future. Normal approaches to releasing errata aren’t likely to be the best way to communicate changes, so might a changelog document be something that’s introduced? One nice thing about the document is that it is bookmarked, which makes it easy to jump to a section within it during use. It doesn’t use layers though, so those that wish to print it out are going to expend a lot of ink to do so due to the background image used on each of the pages.



Update: there’s now a print-friendly download as well.

Print Friendly


  1. Zach Glazar July 3, 2014
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