Want random generators? The Last Gasp has you covered

Everyone loves random generators, and The Last Gasp has a slew of them for you. On this page are a bunch of computer-processed tables sourced from multiple other sites and locations that are just awaiting you to click on one of them to have a random result pop up in a window for you to use. Many of these are great as starting points for the development of characters and locations or for adding depth to things that you’ve already created.

Here are some samples:

Random Loot

  • Weapon 10. Recurve Bone Bow
  • Armour 85. Wolfpelt Headgear
  • Miscellanous 90. White Hood of the Unseeing Oracle

Bard Song Titles

  •  Chant of the Battlemaidens of Utaris
  •  Cantos VI of the Mirror Cycle
  • Ballad for Queen Ilsona of Ketinmach

Oh god who are these people arguing around a coffee table?

  • Count Jaques de Silly
  • Herman Dirk van Dodeweerd
  • Albert Irk

100 Potions

  • 9. Gelid
  • 17. Bronze
  • 93. Potion hardens into plastic in d10 seconds

Cabalistic Aesthetics of Cörpathium

  •  An elaborate plaster chest-piece hanging from their neck, baroque floral sculpting like a painting’s frame.
  • Eyelid removed from right eye, carrying a small glass jar of water with a brush attached to the lid to moisten their exposed eyeball.
  • A large sickly green poison dart frog, crawling over their face, attached to a delicate brass chain threaded between their ears, forehead, and nose by a circlet around its foot.

Thanks to +j garrison for pointing to this.



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