Warriors of the Red Planet beta available in print only via Lulu

Studio Denmark have released a beta of Warriors of the Red Planet, an OSR game set in the planetary romance genre influenced by the worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs and other authors. It can be purchased in print only for $3.93 plus shipping for 134 pages.

The game is very up front about the fact that it’s a beta – saying that it’s “…a fine working RPG, but could still use some playtesting and editing to polish it”. The strange thing is that there’s no PDF option to buy the POD game. If the game is now in beta, then it would make sense to get a PDF copy into distribution so that feedback can be given to improve it or just get exposure for the final print copy. Even on the boards for discussing the game when PDFs are mentioned the game developers seem to just ignore those questions about that topic. 

The price is low enough that people may buy it sight unseen, but there’s no recent pictures indicating what the game looks like. There are some pictures of a possible future color edition that were posted in September 2013 that look very impressive, such as this one of the Fighting Men class:

However, the front cover of the book uses this image here flipped on the vertical plane, and the internal of the book is black and white, not color. There doesn’t seem to be much information at all about the game and it’s been under the radar of most people up to this point.

With so many other games today giving away free no-art PDF versions of the game or even full versions of the game, it seems strange that this book is being released as a beta via POD without anybody having any idea what’s inside it.



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