Troll Lord Games 4th July Sale, 25% off most digital and print

Troll Lord Games are having a 25% off sale off most of their print and digital products in their own store as well as on DriveThruRPG [AL] and RPGNow [AL]. The sale applies to most things that are available. If you use the TLG store, then you should be sure to enter the code JULYSALE during the checkout process to make sure that you get the discount.

It should be noted that the Players Handbook that is on sale is the 5th printing and NOT the 6th printing that was reported on yesterday as that version is not available yet to the general public.

Recent releases that may be of interest to OSR players for other systems include the Codex Nordica [AL], Codex Celtarum [AL], the Book of Familiars [AL], and Rune Lore [AL].

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