Stormlord Publishing release The Well of Souls

The first product from StormLord Publishing, The Well of Souls, has been released in a print and PDF combo bundle. This 0-level adventure for Dungeon Crawl Classics comes with hand-assembled print versions using premium parchment paper and a free PDF for $5.00. Stormlord Publishing shared:

“From the darkness of the well emanates the haunting moans of the deceased plunderers and defilers who risked everything to learn the secrets below. But you have something they did not: The Tablets of Fate. Through guile and treachery, force and luck, you have jointly acquired these ancient stone tablets, and only with their hieroglyphics dare you hope to circumvent the horrors that lie within the Well of Souls.

You and your guide, Farid, stand around a gaping hole in the floor of a mountain cave. A crude pulley and rope system hangs over the hole, and from it dangles a single wooden bucket. Will you brave the depths below in search of fame, fortune and liberation from your downtrodden lives?”

This is a level 0 adventure, but it can be enjoyed with a party of 1st level characters aided by hirelings. It was designed to play in about 4-hours or less, making it ideal for new players, convention play, or even a one-shot.

By purchasing the print option, you also get the PDF for free!

The document is 5.5″ x 8.5″, and the printed version uses premium parchment paper for interior pages, and 65 lb. card stock for the cover. The interior pages have a deckle edge.

All print copies are assembled by hand.

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