4 free Blood & Treasure adventures

John Stater’s Blood & Treasure is one of the more under-appreciated games available, blending ideas from older and new versions of the classic dungeon crawling game to make a very unique system instead of a mere replication of a previous rules system. It also recently received support with the publication of The Nod Companion [AL] supplement that provides content from John’s extensive Nod magazine publication converted through to the system.

Further support for the system is given by John at the above page, including character sheets and links to third parties.

There are three free supplements from Tanner Yea who runs the Pulpwood blog, all with Blood & Treasure trade dress:

  1. SUP 1 Heroes of Lore, which provides 52 class variants
  2. SUP2 Races of Lore, which gives 8 new races
  3. SUP3 Psionics of Lore, providing a fill psionic system and more

Recently Anders Hedenbjörk Lager released No Country for Weak Men, an adventure for Blood & Treasure.

John sells his books through POD via Lulu as well as through DriveThruRPG [AL] and RPGNow [AL].


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