Purple Sorcerer Free Tools Pledge Delve Now On

Purple Sorcerer not only publish a number of adventure products for Dungeon Crawl Classics, but they also offer of a range of digital tools for the game as well, which they offer for free. To keep these tools free, they run an annual pledge drive to get some additional funding for them so that they can remain free. While these tools are made for use with Dungeon Crawl Classics primarily, they can also be used with other games, in particular the Crawlers Companion which includes a dice roller app and other functions.

This year, the hope for the drive is to raise $400, and there are incentives for pledging at different levels, including adventures or the chance to win stuff from Harley Stroh or Michael Curtis.


If you’d like to pledge to support these tools, you can do so here.


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  1. Harley Stroh June 27, 2014
  2. tovokas July 2, 2014