MonkeyBlood Mapmaking MEGA symbol set available for mapmakers

Glynn Seal of MonkeyBlood Design has released an updated MEGA package of his brilliant symbols for both amateur and professional mapmakers. There are also individual packs that can be purchased as well, in both color and mono. If you’re interested in buying them, or seeing more of the artwork Glynn makes at his online gallery, you can go here to purchase . He has recently been working with a number of publishers using these symbols to create maps for them, including DWD Studios.

Need to create overland fantasy maps in full colour or just outlined mono?

The Havenland symbol set is a complete set of symbols for overland fantasy mapping.
Each symbol is hand drawn and digitally coloured by Glynn Seal of MonkeyBlood Design.

The set is available in a number of different options to suit your budget. If you want the full ‘all-in’ Havenland experience, then the MEGA set consists of the Core + Expansion Set 1 + Expansion Set 2 + ALL Outline versions for a total of 408 colour and 404 non-colour (outline only) fantasy symbols/tokens for you mapping/media needs. That’s 812 symbols.
Symbols are supplied as individual transparent .png files, or provided as ‘grid spaced’ transparent .png files to make your own brushes, tubes or sicker sprays.

Here are some example maps from recent G+ posts:

Isle of Loth

Hex Mapping Sample

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