Editorial: Announcing OSRetail – list your OSR-friendly retail store here!

OSRToday is proud to announce a free service to retail stores worldwide: a dedicated page here on the site called OSRetail where retailers who are OSR-friendly and support OSR companies and customers can get a listing for their store completely gratis. The object of this page is to act as a directory to allow OSR gamers to find local or other stores that serve their interests. Retailers are encouraged to use the form on the OSRetail page to submit their store information so that they can improve their visibility within the OSR community and gain increased traffic to their stores. It’s a win-win for everyone.

OSRetail listings can be accessed by visitors to the site at all times by a convenient and visible link on every page of the site, allowing them to quickly find a retailer near them that offers the products in print that we report on here at OSRToday.

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