An examination of the spells in Supplement-I Greyhawk

Delta has published an interesting post about the spells introduced in the first Dungeons & Dragons ssupplement Greyhawk. With today’s explosion of spell availability and dozens of different types of magic in multiple games and supplements, there’s lots of options for using spells in games, it’s nice to go back to the roots of the hobby. This supplement to the ur-game of OD&D adds a lot of spells into the mix and Delta gives us an analysis of the spells and his thoughts on them. He’s a college math teacher and ex-computer game programmer, so his analysis is quite focused on the logic of things at different levels of scale. One of the things that jumps out most is the last section that discusses spells that disallows the use of saves; the idea of spells not allowing saves has always been a contentious one, and even then saves get more confusing when each spell may provide a different effect if the save is successful.


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