Free Primer to the World of Ark from Ravenstone Press

Ravenlore Press have released the first of their products in their Alternative Dice And Design (ADnD) line, and it’s a free primer to upcoming their world setting. The book operates as a player handbook for the setting, providing all of the narrative and mechanical information needed for players to create characters for play in the setting. While it can be used with their own upcoming game system (not available yet) it’s also usable with other old school systems and makes mention of this in the text.   The publisher have completed and released The Gilded Grimoire, a book of magic, and it should be available online soon as well as soon as it’s been approved for listing. The Player’s Primer is available to download from DriveThruRPG [AL] and RPGNow [AL].

Updated Jun 25: Ravenlore Press have increased the price to$0.99.




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