Monsters and spells from The Land of Nod

John Stater has published a new monster an a number of spells that you can easily add to your old school games over on his Land of Nod blog. Included are some excellent spells such as:

Phantom Banker (Transmutation)
Level: Magic-User 2
Range: Close (30 feet)
Duration: Permanent

The magic-user changes one form of currency into the next higher form of currency, thus copper pieces into silver pieces, silver pieces into gold pieces, and gold pieces into platinum pieces. The total value of the coins does not change, thus 100 copper pieces can be changed into 10 silver pieces. Another use of the spell could then turn those 10 silver pieces into a single gold piece.

John has written the excellent Blood & Treasure that can be bought in various formats including digital, softcover, and hardcover from his Lulu store. His most recent release was the stripped down version of Blood & Treasure called Bloody Basic. On the store he also offers both print and digital copies of Nod, which are compilations of content written for his world setting but that can be used for many other old school games. He also offers a number of free downloads in PDF of content written by other authors.

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