Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls in Beta

Backers of the Tunnels & Trolls Deluxe edition have been given access to a beta version of the rules, which includes a preview of the upcoming book based mostly on the 5th edition of the rules. The beta is incomplete and doesn’t include magic or a great deal of other content, but does show most of the general system indicates the possible trade dress and content that will be included in it. Flying Buffalo did have this to say in a public update:

We had some unexpected disasters (that we have already told you about) which delayed us far more than we thought they should. But I would also like to point out in our defense that when we originally made the schedule for this project, we assumed we were just going to update the 5.5 rules — adding a few things we liked about 7.5, and some new artwork. We didn’t really intend to put out an entire new edition. But the response to the kickstarter was so astonishing and gratifying, we just had to do more than that. We hope you will be excited and pleased with what we end up with. 

The current deadline for completion of the project has not been announced, but when the product is completed the product will be available for sale to the general public.

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