Expeditious Retreat Press looking for OSRIC adventure submissions

Jospeh Browning and Expeditious Retreat Press are looking for new submissions to publish for their OSRIC Advanced Adventures [AL] and Pathfinder 1-on-1 Adventures [AL] lines. Joseph says on his blog post:

Been a while since I made a general call for manuscripts. I’m looking for OSRIC modules for our Advanced Adventures line and for Pathfinder adventures for our 1-on-1 Adventures line. Both have a word limit of 12k (can be bumped up to 16k if necessary) and pay $0.01 per word upon acceptance of the manuscript. OSRIC is for a full-sized OSR group (6-10 players) while 1-on-1 is for only a single player and a GM.

Joseph asks that anyone interested in writing, even unpublished GMs who are interested in trying their hand at getting published contact him in the first instance via email.

Expeditious Retreat Press sells their print products via their own store and their digital products online via DriveThruRPG [AL] and RPGNow [AL].


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