Exclusive First Look At Adventures in the East Mark Sample print products

OSRToday and Tenkar’s Tavern have been given the exclusive opportunity to show the first advance images of the sample print copies of the new Adventures in the East Mark books from XD Publishing. These are just sample copies of the books and the full final delivery will be arriving later next week for the beginning of fulfillment of the project Kickstarter backer pledges. As you can see from these pictures, the books look absolutely beautiful.

AitEM Sample Pic 1
AitEM Sample Pic 2

AitEM Sample Pic 3

The PDF of Adventures in the East Mark is available to purchase from both DriveThruRPG [AL] and RPGNow [AL]. The base book comes in a number of formats for quality, and includes a gorgeous map. There is also a Narrator’s Screen that can be purchased for printing and insertion in GM screens, not to mention the free Quickstart as well that can be grabbed to see just exactly how good this book looks.

Update: If you missed out on backing the Kickstarter for this, you can preorder it via Backerkit.

Stay tuned to both OSRToday and Tenkar’s Tavern for some exciting information and opportunities coming up soon regarding Adventures in the East Mark!

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