BRW Games Digital and Print Sale – Save 30% until June 22nd

Joseph Bloch of BRW Games LLC is running his first sale ever on BRW products released through DriveThruRPG [AL] and RPGNow [AL]. Until June 22nd, you can take advantage of 30% savings on both print and digital products released through the store. Like many other companies BRW Games provides the PDF edition of their products for free if you buy the print copy, so now is a great time to stock up on these products. Joseph has previously run some great Kickstarters to help fund some of these products, and each of them has generated rave reviews not only from backers but from those that purchased later. One of the most recent release is the updated version of Castle of the Mad Archmage, which comes an illustration and a map book (both needing separate purchase), available for both old school games and Pathfinder. Joseph originally released it piecemeal to the community as it was developed and then decided to make it a commercial product.

If you’re looking to buy, here are some direct links to specific products:

Castle of the Mad Archmage (DriveThruRPG)

Adventures Dark & Deep (DriveThruRPG)


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