Tenkar’s Tavern OSR Superstar Final Round In Progress

Over at Tenkar’s Tavern, the Final Round of the OSR Superstar Competition is underway for the 15 qualifiers from the Second Round of the OSR Superstar Competition. Applicants have until July 15th, 2014 to stock the provided partially-finished dungeon map and submit it for judging. The rules for this round of the competition are:

1 – Complete the map below. You may use the hexed version or the “clean” version.

2 – You must “stock” the dungeon level using the OSR ruleset as you see fit. I advise using a “clone”, as all entries will be published in a free PDF under the OGL. You can use whatever “D&D Clone ruleset you desire, but you must identify the ruleset you are using.

3 – The magic item that you qualified with in the First Round must make an appearance in your adventure.

4 – The creature you qualified with in the Second Round must make an appearance.

5 – Entries must be submitted to the email OSRdotSUPERSTAR at that gmail thing no later than midnight, July 15th, 2014. If you are unable to scan or digitally prepare your map, contact me at the above email and we will make arrangements. There will be no extensions. You have 30 days from today, at which point the judges will be given the entries to judge.

A list of the Second Round qualifiers can be found here.



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